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With my3ktoday.com, you can receive funding up to $35,000. We have extensive partnerships with large lender networks. This allows us to cover almost all 50 states. The Loan is received quickly and from the privacy of your own home. Our website, my3ktoday.com means to ensure that all the consumers are educated and made able to make smart financial decisions. Aside from this, we also aim to protect our consumers from any malicious personal consumer lenders or any unsavory businesses which engage in unlawful practices.

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What is a personal loan?

Ever had an emergency which you needed to take care of urgently but had no funds to back you up? Well, a personal loan is meant for such situations. It is a way with which you can get up to $35,000 in funding through lenders. A personal loan is a type of loan you can use for your personal things. You can use it to, for example, repair your vehicle, buy luxury items, make home enhancements, or bill your payments, etc. The term of the loan is the total duration within which you have to pay back the entire loan. This length can sometimes run for up to 180 days/6 months, depending on the type of loan and the lender. Before you receive a personal loan, however, you have to fill out some forms with your details and how you intend to repay the loan, the amount you want to borrow, the term of the loan, etc. Our online loan request forms are simple and easy to understand. Plus, they dont contain any long and difficult to understand questions either. Instead, we will only require that you provide some basic information plus where you would want the loan to be sent.

The basic requirements to complete our online form are as stated below:

  • Must be 18 years and above.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Must have a steady income.
  • Must have a bank account where the funds will be deposited.
Disclosure Policy

Please read the following disclosures. There is information about General Loan information, APR information, Renewals and Repayment Terms.

  • APR Information

    This is information about the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The APR includes the rate of interest a borrower pays over a one year period, and it determines the yearly cost of a loan. Loan repayment terms can range from 61 days to 72 months. my3ktoday.com cannot promise a specific APR. Our lending partners set the APR on all loan products. Read the terms of your loan carefully before accepting and signing a loan contract.

  • Renewal Policy

    Lenders have unique Renewal Policies. Some of them have automatically renew or "roll-over" features. These conveniences often come at an additional fee. Please ask the lender you were connected with for their renewal policy. Again it is vital to read through the entire Loan Agreement and Disclosure to make sure you are comfortable with their terms before accepting the loan.

  • Late, Partial, or Non-Payments and Collections

    Though each lender has to operate within the state laws that govern them, they have their respective approaches to handling late payments. A loan is an agreement between you and the lender to fully repay the loan by the time agreed. Depending on your agreement with your lender, if you are late for the agreed payment, a lender may add fees, send to a collections agency, report your late, partial or non-payment to a consumer reporting agency. These policies change per lender, so please make sure to consult your lender to find their respective policies.


How It Works

Fast, easy and secure Online Form.
To see if you qualify for a loan, you need to follow this procedure: Start by filling out our online loan request form. Ensure that you are accurate and true with all the information that you provide. You also stand a higher chance of getting a loan using our website as we offer services from many different lenders. And these lenders each have different lending methods and policies. Chances are high that you are going to get a loan if you request one through us. If your loan has been approved, ensure that you read the disclosure forms and any other forms that accompany it before you agree on or sign anything.


Fees & Interest

my3ktoday.com services will always be provided free of charge, but that is not to say that the lender will give you a loan for free. Your lender will charge you fees and/or interest and must provide you with full disclosure of their loan terms upon approval. It is then your responsibility to read through the terms before signing your loan agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned earlier, personal loans are those loans that you can use to help with your unexpected expenses, make home repairs, holiday shopping, etc. What can I use the personal loan for? You can use a personal loan on just about anything, as long as you keep your end of the bargain and make the regular payments of the loan as agreed upon in the agreement.

We offer our services free of charge. That, however, does not account for the lender. The lenders may put significant interest rates on their loans. That is the reason why you need to pay attention and read through the disclosure forms before taking the loans.

Short for Annual Percentage Rate. APR is what is used to define what rate of interest a borrower is supposed to pay within the course of one year. Our services cannot promise you any specific APR.

You will also need to get in touch with the lender who you accepted the loan from on how the money will be repaid.

It all depends on what you agreed upon and signed with the lender. Contact your lender in order to find out what will happen in this situation.

Yes! We take your privacy very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption to help ensure that no third-party can intercept or steal your data.